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  • Pros:

    + Very accurate to the Barcelona I visited, giving a very nice Catalan feel to the campaign
    + Spanish graffiti adds to the environment.
    + FCB jerseys. Now I get to kill them... Hala Madrid! Also, RCD Espanyol kits as well, well done. 
    + Superbly complex easter egg with actual out-of-game reward.
    + Well sculpted swimming pool area, with a changing room with the "new SI" easter egg.
    + Opening chapel is well done as well, with NPCs as well. A bit of tinted glass or a ray of light in the church would make it much more awesome.
    + Good sound ambience, particularly in the opening stage.
    + Phenomenal ending sequence, though some epic music would do it justice as you approach the National Art Museum of Catalonia.
    + The gardens to the art museum are excellent in design, and has the director alter the path each time. 
    + "Improved" fireworks.
    + Ammo and weapon points are well placed, forcing ammo conservation and secondary use.
    + Very detailed artwork for the load screen.


    - FCB zombies have the shadow bug on them when slain
    - No introductory cutscene.
    - Bot nav needs a bit of work, particularly in the pool, the church, and the subway.
    - Light framerate stuttering, particularly in places with fires, needing optimization. (90 fps -> 55 fps)
    - Where is the Camp Nou? =(
    - The switch on the floor to trigger the finale is somewhat awkward, especially without noise.
    - Stats are broken at the ending credits.
    - Major bug in the finale where people die despite reaching the helicopter.


    This is probably in the TOP 5 in L4D2 campaigns of all time. So why isn't it rated higher than 92? At the moment this map isn't perfect, or even close to perfect. There are a lot of touch-ups that need work on before it can get close to 100, especially the ending bug where people die despite reaching the escape vehicle, and the lack of an intro cutscene. The bot nav needs to be fleshed out here and there as there are certain places where even SI get stuck on. 
    Overall, this is a finely tuned piece, even in its 1.0 state. A definite improvement over your previous works, and I'd like to see whatever else you throw at the community in the future. (Ibiza, perhaps?)

    This review was posted before the latest release.

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