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  • Pros:

    Anims are gorgeous to the eyes.
    Textures very detailled.
    No clipping that can be easily noticed.
    Model is itself amazing and well put to use.
    No camera movements.
    All the details, in and out.


    Weird weapon kick during a frame.(Barely noticeable)


    No other Ak's got into my rifle_ak47 slot ever since this one was released and will be kept until something beats it under all these terms mentioned above. This is one strongly recommended mod by my opinion because of one mere simple reason, quality of work. It stacks all the goods of possible resources this community has to offer so far. I cannot say enough.

Published Items

  • Mod
    Killing Floor Gunfire Soundmod

    I know there's some other versions around, but i was just willing to make my own unique still and support it to be bug free. Any suggestion feel free to share. This is a full pack and not a single weapon.

  • Mod
    Killing Floor Reload Soundmod

    As promised, here they are. Reloading sounds of KF ported to L4D2. Any bugs? Try snd_rebuildaudiocache in console. Still having bugs? Notify what you've been getting and i'll look forward fixing it soon as possible.

  • Mod
    CS:GO Gunfire Soundmod

    This is a simple remplacement for L4D2 principal firing sounds, does not include reloading or special ammo usage. CS:S weapons are also changed. Credit to Valve for the making of them. Pistols sounds were inverted to suit the dual wield.

  • Mod
    Tourettes Tank L4D1

    You may have already heard about it. Amazing mod. Originally released for L4D1, this mod was ported for L4D2 but did lack of the scripts for many more tourettes guy swears and the famous pants. It is the original that was uploaded and tr...


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