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    Race City

    Description: What CS:GO is missing? Race maps! Compete on this map with your friends, and explore this vast city. The map is fully automated, ready to be played on any (dedicated) server. Useful console commands (for the host) mp_auto...

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    Beta N/A

    RAISING AWARENESS! I made this working "func_vehicle", to show Valve we need the good, oldschool func_vehicle to do cool race maps and epic negev-mac10 gangsta fights! Because Counter-Strike is not Counter-Strike without WORKING func_ve...

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    Beta N/A

    This is my first CS:GO map. The map's goal is to improve your sniping skills, and have fun while you do. The two team's spawnpoint is separated by a river, and the long-range distance helps you to practice your timing and accuracy. If yo...

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    RTCW - mp_beach

    It's a small map, dedicated to the RTCW and L4D2 community. This is the first beta version, a conversion of the original RTCW mp_beach map. Survivors must obtain the top secret documents, then safely escape from the basement after trans...


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