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    - Bot nav is good in most locations (see cons)
    - Very challenging (Had to do it on lowest difficulty)
    - Interesting puzzles to solve (finding button to get rid of lasers, figuring out the right button etc...)
    - Enough supplies 
    - Unique events (Train ride in chapter 3 was cool)
    - Good to play with friends (Pranking each other is fun!)
    - Almost no glitches/bugs encountered (see cons)
    - Bot navigation is poor in a few certain locations, In chapter 2 it is very hard to survive without bots (Unless this cant be fixed, will list them) (Chapter 1 ladder spot, Chapter 2 Death Rock spot, Chapter 4 traps (this happens sometimes) )
    - No first aid kits in Chapter 2 saferoom
    - No Left 4 Dead 2 weapons (primary/secondary/melee etc)
    - A few areas lack in detail (areas in chapter 3 and chapter 5)
    - Lack of a rescue vehicle
    - No outro
    - At least needs some kind of warning for the rockfalls in chapter 2
    - A bug where I jumped on the map 1 pipes (This lead to the campaign poster and then back to main menu) (this may have happened once) (might need to test more to make sure) (No points taken)
    - All stats at the end are all 0 (BUG) (No points taken)
    Well this port of the campaign from L4D1 to L4D2 didn't fare so well (Not that i've played the L4D1 version of this campaign myself). there are a number of cons that need to be addressed that outweigh the positives in this campaign. there is always room for improvement by fixing the things that i listed in the cons (unless they can't be fixed). The unique events are a nice addition and you can use this map to prank your friends which is fun. anyways I wont say much else here. its not bad for a campaign overall.
    Maps: 6/10
    Events: 9/10
    Replayability: 5/10
    Overall: 6.5/10

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