Hi! I'm a 19 year old aspiring environment artist. I'm working on my first L4D2 Campaign! It should come out Fall 2015.

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  • Well-Rounded

    I will admit, between 2019 and 2019 II, I was a bit skeptical of this campaign. 2019 II was such a departure from normal Left 4 Dead gameplay and it didn't blend very well. However, you've surprised me with 2032 - you actually listened to criticism of 2019 II and took it to heart. Gone are the interruptive cutscenes and forced story; 2032 only has an intro and outro cutscene, but still gives you a good story in the campaign without it being shoved in your face.
    The return to (mostly) form of L4D gameplay is very welcoming along with the new changes. In context of this campaign, the gameplay changes (running speed, stealth around zombies, no survivor bots, more difficult common infected) are nice touches and add to the authenticity of 2032.
    Overall it's a very nice way to end the trilogy on a better note than 2019 II - 2032 finishes the plot in a coherent way and has significantly better gameplay, despite the shortness of it. However, the length is probably by design - a 5/6 map campaign with these mechanics would feel dragged out.

    This review was posted before the latest release.

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