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  • Pros:

    Nice size map;
    Swedish feeling;
    Nice enviorment;
    Good items arrangement.


    Doesn't have snow;
    Elevator doesn't work;
    Can't go upstairs.


    This is a great map and I started mapping after I watched Alex Galuzin's videos. If you fix the elevator, putting some snow and letting people go upstairs, this map will become awesome!

Published Items

  • Map
    Forest Fortress
    Beta N/A

    More one map I had lost, but this time couldn't find it. I just made another one with some stuff different. I'd like to receive some reviews this time, so I'll try to improve it.

  • Map
    Dead Hotel Rooftop

    This is a map whose file I had lost, but thanks to 'Mini Me', I can publish it again. I was based on Dead Center Campaign, so it looks like an alternative dead center's survival. Review it, please.

  • Map
    Dead On The Bridge

    This was my first map on L4D2. I had lost the vpk file, but 'Mini Me' sent it back to me. I'm gonna prepare a revision of it soon. I'm gonna insist on reviewing this map because it was my first one.

  • Mod
    Fire Axe Trollface style

    This is a Fire Axe with trollface meme put on it. GUZROCK is my nickname on L4D2, but my map BK is with 'Gustavo de Oliveira' as Author. I'm new in making mods, so please, be calm.

  • Map
    Burger King

    It's back! I wanna thank Flinter for sending me the file because I had lost it. This is the lastest version of it, but I'm gonna make a newer one soon. I'll try to fix some parts of the nav meshes, which when you're over the building, it...


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