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Heya! Thank you for Checking my Profile i'm no longer active here.I really miss in 2013-2014 Series Events that Are Happening Here. I'm Leaving and never Come Back.Good Bye Guys

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    CastleVania Symphony of the night:Nocturne-Sound
    Beta N/A

    [Video Included][Do not Upload my Mods into Steam Workshop i uploaded them Already i did that when i release them in this Site] I Take Request in Sound Modding Please Comment Below and what sound do you want and what does that Replace.Th...

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    Tacticz Sniper Crosshair
    Beta N/A

    Overlay Crosshair -Works in Crosshair 1 and Crosshair 0 -:D,I'm Sorry for Picture number 1 that crosshair 1 is blue is not part of this mod that is my Costum Crosshair 1

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    C14 TimberWolf Sound
    Beta N/A

    This Mod is not Mine i just Uploaded it here it's MckinleyTWD-'s Mod.He Trust me to upload this in Gamemaps This Mod Replaces AWM/AWP Gunfire,Clipin and Clipout Credits MckinleyTWD-.Sound PneuroZcientificTacticz-.Uploader


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