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  • Fun short ride, but with a couple of bugs

    Let's see.
    +It's Indiana Jones
    +pretty well-made
    +a fun, short campaign for something to do on a morning off.
    +The ride itself was a bit boring, it would've been cool if there'd been a handful of individual common infected spawns off to the sides where you could've shot em from the moving vehicle.
    +During the gas can run, there was one gas can located on a ledge right by the vehicle; when me and my friend went to get it, the two bots BOTH managed to fall off the ledge and we had to help them up. And the second we DID help them up, they both fell off AGAIN!
    +The witch spawn points during the finale. I'm used to witches being spawned in places right where you need to be running, but in this mod their spawns seemed kinda... delayed? As in the witch wasn't there at first until suddenly she popped into existence right on top of my head as I was running past. It happened like, three different times during the finale.
    All in all, it was still fun, I'd recommend it, but it could definitely use some tweaks.

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