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Hey there, I'm CardboardLuigi. The uploads here will be reuploads. Either of my own mods or possibly some mods that was deleted from Workshop. (I'll give credit)

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    Shantae N64 (Rochelle)

    Ret-2-Go! I imagine a lot of people wanted Shantae to come to Left 4 Dead 2. I'm pretty sure that this was not the model they had in mind. But regardless, if I don't port this model to Source, then who will? Shantae, the titular half-g...

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    Professor Layton (Coach)

    That reminds me of a puzzle! Professor Hershel Layton, the titular character of the Professor Layton series, has arrived to solve the puzzle of the zombie apocalypse! Why is he using a gun? Uh... because a hint coin said so. Yeah, that'...

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    Undertale Survivor Renames

    Since Workshop was being a dick and not letting upload the update, I figured I'd upload it here, since Gamemaps won't tell me "lol can't upload it try again later." Anywho, the renames are as follows: Nick- Asriel Dreemurr Rochelle- Undy...

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    Valentine (Skullgirls)

    Hello Nurse! Valentine, one of the characters from the fighting game Skullgirls has come to fight the zombie apocalypse along side whoever you have for the rest of the survivors. Replaces Rochelle. Anfrien said that he was okay with hi...


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