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  • Thank you.

    I love it.
    I just wanted to control the number of spawned special infected because once I spawn Jockey, 3 Jockeys are there and the same goes for smoker or hunter.
    Also, zombies just spawn behind me while I am not watching, why? I needed to use some commands like !god mode and other infinite ammo to smoothly use this training ground. 
    I also killed bots to have full control of situation because I don't want any help from anyone, just to see how my performance will be alone. 
    Some images show daylight and training ground outside, but it's not in this version as we are inside some big room. 
    Mini-gun l4d/l4d2 
    AWM or green military sniper 
    I thank you for this work and I will keep this training map. It's small and simple.

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