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  • Thank you! Finished this campaign with 0 Restarts in 49min, Expert Single Player Mode

    Checkout my complete walk-through for this campaign (playing it for the first time) through the link below:
    Copy the URL, Remove \ from (h\t\t\ps) & (c\o\m), then Press Enter
    It wasn't the first time I play this campaign as I played it multiple times before with people and it was one of the very first campaigns I played with my cousin when I started playing custom maps, but this time I decided to play it with bots on Expert and I guess it's a record for this not easy map. Everything is fine and I played it in other versions like Half Life long campaign with some differences and unlocked places.
    BTW, I never played Half Life game and I don't know how hard or terrifying that game is if I play it, but I did enjoy this map and I wish I could beat it with no damage, which is not easy at all. Still, I believe I may do it in the future.Thank you!

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