Hello, I am BillzHere. I'm not much of a Mod creator but I am a reviewer and started mapmaking.

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  • Pros:

    -Aesthetics wise: Very great
    -Maps are very well constructed
    -Weapon,Ammo,etc... placements are also placed properly
    -Beautiful vistas(true to life)


    -Bots fall off the collapsed tower right after you leave starting zone
    -Some maps lack direction
    -The finale


    This campaign is something I would call 'near-flawless'. Everything about it was pretty much amazing. There are many scenic places, which gives a sense of immersion throughout the campaign. But, there's a reason why it's 'NEAR-flawless'. That reason is the Finale of the campaign. Dear God, I wouldn't put my worst enemy through that Hell. First off; it's a never-ending horde sequence (woo). But that's just the beginning, when you enter the final building you are met with these things:
    -Fire everywhere
    -Hordes of infected
    -Special Infected
    -At least 4 Tanks in a row
    All of that in a cramped fire-torn area. If you even TRY this campaign finale on NORMAL, you will not succeed (I played with bots, so you'd have a chance if you play with 2+ friends). This finale made me hate the rest of the campaign, because it just boggled me of how absurdly brutal it was, and it made me never want to experience said campaign again. This campaign is definitely a 'one-off' sort of deal.

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