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Download 2 'Nightmare' Maps for C&C Red Alert 2 : Yuri's Revenge.

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    Four player "King of the Hill" style map. The older version of this (circa 2000-2001-ish) was something I whipped up to be our go-to map for casual coop teamplay vs two brutal AI opponents, and I remember it being pretty damned fun. I on...

    Fu3lman Fu3lman
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    Liberty City by Xrtist

    Name: Liberty City by Xrtist (a.k.a. X/R//) Editor: Final Alert 2 Created: 14 Sep 2015 Size: 200x200 Players: 2 - 8 Description: Liberty City from GTAIII with Upstate. A gigantic re-creation of GTAIII map for all types of war...

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