To simulate realistic police procedures, SWAT 4' encourages the use of non-lethal force to subdue and arrest subjects rather than incapacitating or killing them. In addition, players must follow strict protocol to ensure proper use of force. Players may not fire on suspects with lethal weapons unless the suspect points their firearm at a fellow officer or a civilian. Penalties are given for unauthorized use of force, injuries to hostages, officer incapacitation, and personal injury. On the higher difficulty levels, more points are required to pass the mission, with 100 being perfect. On the most difficult level, Elite, players need a 95/100 to pass, and will fail for killing even a single suspect, losing more than two team members without committing an infraction, or committing any infraction in addition to being injured.

ESRB Rating: M

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    Русификатор для мода Elite Force

    Русификатор для мода Elite Force. Переведено почти всё, кроме некоторых элементов. Так же теперь появилась возможность отправлять сообщения на русском языке в чат. (но игроки не будут видеть сообщения если у них не установлен рус. текст...