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  • Map
    Dark Messiah E3

    This is a demo of a map from Dark Messiah of Might and Magic that showed gameplay at E3. This is one of my favorite locations in the game. The map is very short, so the walkthrough will be quick. Map name: l4d2_dm_e3demo

  • Map
    Only Up

    Climbing higher and higher, you have to take the gnome to the very top, where a space shuttle is waiting for him. - There is a music panel on the wall where you can turn music on or off. - The approximate time of passage is 10 minute...

  • 6 Maps
    Funny Moments

    This campaign consists of six maps, on which we have to last for some time. The locations are not connected to each other by the plot, so don't look for any deep meaning here. On each map we will be confronted by specific infected, and t...

  • Map
    Puzzle 1.5

    This is a small island somewhere in the ocean, where no one will bother you to assemble an exciting puzzle with the image of your favorite game. The puzzle consists of 240 pieces, so please be patient. In order to at least brighten up th...

  • Map
    Puzzle 2.0

    Choose the right puzzle and complete it faster than your friend using the gravity gun. Each puzzle is unique and consists of 96 pieces. The map is made in the autumn theme, with excellent music, which can be controlled using the panel on...

  • Mod
    Journey to Splash Mountain (map splash5 fix)

    This mod fixes map 5 for the Journey to Splash Mountain campaign. During the restart of the map, a disconnect occurs on the dedicated servers. Even playing in the lobby, you will hear a 4-5 second stutter. I spent a lot of time figurin...

  • File
    Русификатор для мода Elite Force

    Русификатор для мода Elite Force. Переведено почти всё, кроме некоторых элементов. Так же теперь появилась возможность отправлять сообщения на русском языке в чат. (но игроки не будут видеть сообщения если у них не установлен рус. текст...

  • Mod
    Русификатор сообщений в телефоне

    Этот мод создавался когда в игре не было русификатора. В дальнейшем обновлении игры появился перевод, но он выглядит коряво. В любом случае этот мод можно рассматривать как альтернативный перевод. Так же ВАЖНО создать файл autoexec.cf...

  • Map

    Small settlement, divided by four canals. When creating, assets from the game "Dark Messiah of Might and Magic" were used.


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