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GameMaps Left 4 Dead Maps Back to school - The First Cut
Back to school - The First Cut created by 100_o/o_f@ke, romasm.
Reviews (16)
Development of new L4D1 version of Back To School campaign is on hold for now. We have plans to come back to it after we'll be almost done with L4D2 version. L4D2 version was released in appropriate section. For now only the old demo\beta version available for the download. This old version absolutely does not correspond screenshots of the latest builds of the project (shown above). So beware!
Version: 0.6  (Beta)
Last Updated: 07/21/09
Released: 07/21/09
Author: 100_o/o_f@ke, romasm
Publisher: romasm
Maps: 3/6
Map Size: Not Specified
Max Players: Not Specified
File: l4d_backtoschool01_forest.vpk  
Size: 122.28MB
Game: Left 4 Dead, L4D
Mode: Co-Op, Versus, Campaign,
Tagged: story,
Good Story (+4) Good Episodes (+2) Large maps (+1.5) Good Versus mode (+2.5)
Not finished (-2) Bugs, bugs everywhere (-1) Stupid bots (-0.2)
Good campaign but it need some fixes, if you solve them i will put 9 or 10.
- Really good Story - Many different tasks to solve - good episodes
Just one little con the music of the special infected were missing but that's no real big problem
I love this campaign. It's big but you can't lose interest because it's rich in variety. I played it two times and there were differences between those two times which made it even better.
i liked the l4d2 verison
stay away cons ughh
i like short campgains but i hope you get this done but take yer time and dont listen to these trolls they dont know how long it takes to do these
Nice graphic work Very exploratory Not too hard, not too easy AI seemed good Cool scene with the helicopter
Wish it was finished. The first map is very linear and pretty boring. Then again, that might be me because I really hate maps in the woods. The first set of weapons and medkits could be a little more in plain view. The first hoard was mostly defeated by the fire of the barricade burning. It's called "Back to school" but none of it takes place in a school. Unless that's intended on being the final map.
It's a pretty solid map that includes some neat voice acting as well as a couple cool moments. Whether it's dead or not, I'd take it for a spin.
~~~Overall~~~ -Amazing scenery and textures -Good amounts of ammo -Good amount of tanks and witches -AI Navigation was excellent -Interesting with what is done so far.
~~~Map 1~~~ -All of the AI were incapped by the explosion crescendo. ~~~Map 3~~~ -The Newspaper by the Jail Cell didn't outline, so I had no idea where to go until it glowed on the 3rd time coming back. -Incomplete-
Just a few small problems, but other than those, looks great so far! Excellent detail so far. Can't wait for the complete version. :]
Last Updated: 07/21/09 Version: 0.6  (Beta) Views: 968,610
I need to Left 4 Dead the first map pack
Solo hay 3 capítulos, una vez acabados vuelve a empezar, en las capturas hay 5 :/
la descargo y solo son tres cap pk sera ?? ayuda alli en las fotos salen mas
Work already dead @ @! @! @! @!
Excuse me. in this bts campaign there are only 3 chapters and the church cinema and school are not included. in l4d1
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