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Night Terror created by NIPPER and DrBoo.
Map3 (moria): Hold use on the book-button until the bucket falls. Ignore the progress bar. Make sure everyone is on the side of the room with the book too. This will be fixed in the next version. Updated to version 3 on 10/16/09
Version: 3.0  (Complete)
Last Updated: 10/16/09
Released: 10/16/09
Author: NIPPER and DrBoo
Publisher: NIPPER
Maps: 6/6
Map Size: Not Specified
Max Players: Not Specified
File: nightterror.vpk  
Size: 141.52MB
Game: Left 4 Dead, L4D
Mode: Co-Op, Campaign,
Last Updated: 10/16/09   Version: 3.0  (Complete)    
is this the one from l4dnt website because my freinds got it from there but it doesnt seem to work
- Funny to play - Beautiful maps - There is the challenge - It's an original "scénario"
- The book too long to activate ;-)
My favorite map actually, I loved it. Thanks you, author !
*Good design. *Easy to find your way around. *Some areas well detailed. *Quite liked the design of map 2. *Ride in map 2 was a nice touch. *Several different environments. *Custom textures.
*Some early areas lacked detail. *The concept of this map could be better explained by used of custom graffiti or decals. *Bots couldn't climb ladders in house in map 1. *Had to wait far too long in the room with the paintings and raising ceiling in map 2, before panic event started and we were let out. *A lot of failed sound console warnings. *The book button issue. *Invisible walls in some areas of map 4. *Panic events in map 4 seemed to happen on their own for no reason. *Bots wouldn't pick up the health kit in the toilet in the saferoom between maps 4 and 5.
Overall an ok map with only a few issues to be addressed. This campaign though does seem very confused though. If you want to get through a concept for this map, try using custom graffiti to explain it.
To previous reviewers:
This campaign is my alltime favorite and it saddens me that you are listing the beauty of this campaign as cons.
Saying that it is random and not rational is you not getting the concept. I'll explain.
The campaign is named Night terror, this in itself should hint that the campaign is set in a nightmare hence the different scenarios as dreams are not logical at times.
In the finale you push the snooze button on the radio because it is time to wake up from the nightmare.
When you are "saved" on the bed you wake up from your dreams.
You wake up in the same room as the campaign begins in, which is like you getting back to the start of the campaign. Because in the first map you fell asleep and starts by your bed.
This is VERY creative and imaginative and you guys missing the point of this shouldn't affect the score of this campaign.
10/10 campaign in my book.
are these kind of maps only for LAN or can we play with people across the world?
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