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GameMaps Left 4 Dead Maps Dead Vacation (L4D1)

Dead Vacation (L4D1) created by Manneklint.
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(L4D1 only) In this Dead Island inspired campaign, the survivors team up with the military on a mission to stop the flow of water in the sewer and dry the city out, with the hope of stopping the infection from spreading further. They fight their way through a supermarket into the city's sewer system, drains the water and then try to reach the rendezvous located on the rooftop of Ramsey Hotel, where Death is taking his vacation. WATCH THE TRAILERS BELOW (Yes there are two trailers on that youtube account!)
Version: 2.0  (Complete)
Last Updated: 04/13/12
Released: 04/13/12
Author: Manneklint
Publisher: Manneklint
Maps: 5/5
Map Size: Not Specified
Max Players: Not Specified
File: deadvacation.vpk  
Size: 196.52MB
Game: Left 4 Dead, L4D
Mode: Co-Op, Campaign,
Last Updated: 04/13/12 Version: 2.0  (Complete) Views: 202,265
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GameMaps Left 4 Dead Maps Dead Vacation (L4D1)