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Left 4 Dead 2 12 maps
This may look like a normal cabin at first, but the owners of this forest dwelling took way more preparations than usual for the zombie apocalypse!
last month
A quaint summer campsite provides the perfect backdrop for nP's latest survival map. Fight as many waves of zombies as you can with limited resources. It's the little camp of horrors!
February 2014
Fight your way through waves of zombies in an large airport themed map. Fight your way through concourses, cafes, the ground terminal, and don't forget your ticket and luggage.
last month
A survival map that will challenge your will to live. The gas is free, but survival is costly. If you can make it through the gate, you are still not safe, but you may try!
A small and intense survival map set in an abandoned subway and made by one of our top students. How long can you last before the final departure? (and we're not talking about trains...)
A survival map based in the darkest depths of a sewer below the city. This student's map was inspired by the arcade game Gauntlet!
March 2013
A survival map set in an RV park closed off to the public. A few hidden goodies are scattered around each of the RV's and the lodge; see if you can find them! Our first survival map posted by nP.
February 2013
A very small survival map based inside of a simple maze. Watch out, zombies will come from every corner here! This one isn't for the faint of heart!
March 2013
A survival map based in a forest cursed by zombies. The cabin may look familiar to some people that play Silent Lodge! Defend yourself at the castle and hope that you make it through this night in the forest.
March 2013
One of our students decided to build his survival map based off of a space station! Tanks will break out of their stasis chambers every couple of minutes, so stay on your toes. The work that this student did is truly 'out of this world'!
November 2013
Survive countless waves of zombies while locked inside of a rec center built by one of our awesome students! This isn't your average workout!
September 2013
Survivors land at a military base for rescue, only to find that things are not as they should be.
September 2011
3/3 maps
Team Fortress 2 20 maps
nonPareil Institute's very first MvM project! Fight wave after wave of Gray Mann's robot army in this brand new map, inspired by the invasion of Normandy on D-Day and created by some of our excellent crew members! Current Missions: Normandy- Normal Mission Beach Raid- Intermediate Mission with har...
A KOTH map set in the high mountains. Hold the point for 4 minutes to win the game.
September 2013
A king-of-the-hill map set inside of a child's sandbox. The sand has been used to make small buildings that house the hill, spawn points, and other goodies. Have fun getting your hands dirty with this one!
August 2013
A KOTH-based map themed around the medieval times! Perfect for supporting roles as well as full-frontal assaults, this map was created by one of our awesome crew members!
A very intricate 5-point Control Point map set high up in the trees. Keep heading between lower and higher ground to complete your objective, and whatever you do, don't fall down! v1.0 - Current map issues: irregular lighting (surfaces turn black when looking around), additional instance of map env...
A Medieval KOTH map set in a small forest village. Our Riverwood map was the source of inspiration for this environment! Have fun duking it out with your melee weapons while trying to hold the hill!
March 2013
A neutral-flag CTF map based inside of a mall. The student that made this had a lot of fun placing objects to portray the scenes in this map! Which scene will be your favorite?
March 2013
A 5-point capture point map set in an abandoned mine. Crystals have grown over the control points; whichever team claims a point will see the crystals match their team color!
March 2013
A 3-point control point map based in a frozen wasteland and made by another of our students. Stay warm while you fight on here!
March 2013
A Capture the Flag map based off of one of our favorite Halo levels. Up the ramps, down the tubes.
February 2013
Halloween may be over but the hauntings just begun. Simply capture the hill amongst the dead if you dare!
January 2013
A CTF map set in a barren city. Capture the intelligence before the other team does! Try and find all of this map's secrets!
January 2013
Break through the pyramid to capture the first point! Next, find the hidden capture points before the other team!
Join the construction crew in this unique KOTH map. A bit different take on koth with a moving control point. Try it out and see what you think!
April 2012
A Koth map for Red vs Blue. Go head to head in this cave, and look for hidden openings.
April 2012
Capture the flag in this deserted town. First map by one of our guys at nP. Hope you have fun with this one!
April 2012
Have fun on this remake of one of our all time favorite maps from another game!
March 2012
The world of Skyrim comes to TF2. Come play in the the town of Riverwood.
February 2012
Having been shrunk by the Uber Medics, play in the laboratory cabinets in this head to head payload race.
January 2012
Yet another take on the Halloween Map! Hope you enjoy our first release in Team Fortress 2, we learned a lot building this!
November 2011
Counter-Strike : Global Offensive 4 maps
Welcome to the world of Machu Picchu. Terrorist are up to no good and trying to disrupt and destroy these historic ruins. Naturally, the counter terrorist drop in from the copter in a good ole fashioned firefight.
September 2013
Fast and fun, balanced map for Arms Race or Deathmatch. Have fun storming the castle boys!
March 2013
nP.Lounge was designed to be balanced, fast, and fun for your gun gaming needs!
October 2012
Resuce the Hostages in this Office type map. Our first pass on a GO Hostage resuce map!
September 2012
Counter-Strike : Source 2 maps
Work your way through this sprawling office complex to target server room or food supply and plant the bomb! Use tactics and flanking maneuvers to beat your opponents. There are two paths to any target, so work with your team to win. Terrorist Warning: Security may still be active in some areas. S...
September 2013
This is a close quarters GunGame inside and on top of an airship. Don't fall off!
November 2012

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