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Welcome to my profile. My name is Robert Riter and I'm a map designer from Los Angeles, CA. I am currently working on two projects. The Convoy, which has a map currently released for the Let's Build Contest, and the upcoming Void.
Location Los Angeles
My Maps
Left 4 Dead 2 4 maps
Buy vehicles ranging from the unstoppable Killdozer to the high tech CEDA Research Trailer and modify them to purchase weapons, deployable traps, sentry turrets, fences and even battlefield leveling support powers! Hire mercenaries to support you in your attempts to salvage the parts to build your ...
October 2013
1/4 maps
Battle across five miles of psycho controlled apocalyptic highways, with 17 new enemies, as well as some returning allies. You don't get a break from zombies that easily, though: The bandits have weaponized them and plan to board your train! With a dynamic difficulty and 2 endings, Five Miles is ...
December 2013
The Defense Double Pack introduces two new sub-game modes for Survival! In Sandbox Defense, you use the available support abilities and structures to make any defense you want! In Base Defense, construct buildings, hire mercs, buy supplies and use powerful new superpowers to make your last stand!
July 2011
This is a preview mission taken from part of the upcoming campaign sci-fi campaign, Void. It uses all new materials and mechanics to immerse the player in it's sci-fi setting. The preview is taking part in the Boss Contest, where the player must face a heavily armored automation in the end.
May 2011
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GameMaps Member Directory BlazingOwnager