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Welcome to my profile. My name is Robert Riter and I'm a map designer from Los Angeles, CA. I am currently working on two projects. The Convoy, which has a map currently released for the Let's Build Contest, and the upcoming Void.
Location Los Angeles
My Maps
Left 4 Dead 2 4 maps
Buy vehicles ranging from the unstoppable Killdozer to the high tech CEDA Research Trailer and modify them to purchase weapons, deployable tra...
October 2013
1/4 maps
Battle across five miles of psycho controlled apocalyptic highways, with 17 new enemies, as well as some returning allies. You don't get a br...
December 2013
The Defense Double Pack introduces two new sub-game modes for Survival! In Sandbox Defense, you use the available support abilities and struc...
July 2011
This is a preview mission taken from part of the upcoming campaign sci-fi campaign, Void. It uses all new materials and mechanics to immerse ...
May 2011
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GameMaps Member Directory BlazingOwnager