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GameMaps Left 4 Dead 2 Maps Void: Preview Mission
Void: Preview Mission created by Robert Riter.
Reviews (18)
This is a preview mission taken from part of the upcoming campaign sci-fi campaign, Void. It uses all new materials and mechanics to immerse the player in it's sci-fi setting. The preview is taking part in the Boss Contest, where the player must face a heavily armored automation in the end.
Version: 1.2  (Beta)
Last Updated: 05/02/11
Released: 05/02/11
Author: Robert Riter
Publisher: BlazingOwnager
Maps: 1
Map Size: Not Specified
Max Players: Not Specified
File: voidpreview.vpk  
Size: 243.68MB
Mode: Co-Op,
Environments: Space / Planets,
good starting weapons weapons dont supply all the survivers must find a way around for bots good alien map
boss kills you in 5 seconds after blasting at you bots are stupid on it they bug and stuff
gmm there are pros and cons it was ok did not get far got killed to many times because things killed me to fast i like a challenge but that was kinda stupid but thats just me if you want a hard challenge this is for i think this score is ok
- Environment - Creative - Sci fi - Custom radio transmitions - Activating things using switches - Killing boss using grenade launchers but see cons - Seems easy to follow - Most things are custom
- BOT NAVIGATION SO FRUSTRATING.... have to kill them to get the elevator to proceed - Restarted around 10 times, mysteriously died from the boss when I was standing behind a wall and gave up - No dialogue
Decent map but once the first boss is triggered... ruins everything for me, died every time even when i'm standing behind a wall. Sadly it doesn't seem like this will ever be updated.
unussual desing traps
difficulty changing no problem cause boss kills u not zombies boss kills easily bots are realy stupid first water place hard for bots to survive
after dying 5 -7 seven times in a row , ı given up . this map can be very good unless these cons solved. i wrote short but main ideas. For now, it can be worst map ı have ever dl and played. so my point is...
- Had kind of a Doom/Quake feel with the foreboding hallways and touch screens everywhere. - Ted/Snowflake from Dead Rising 2's battle music at the end (Celldweller - Narrow Escape) - Unique, this is the only good futuristic campaign there is to my knowledge.
- Like others have said, the boss is ridiculous. - I know it's only a preview, but the level was very short.
I look forward to the completion of this campaign as it is an intriguing idea. But if there is to be boss battles the music needs to be louder and the boss needs to be less... insane.
space cool boss not to hard
unfinshed boss can kill everyone easily even on easy or normal
cool map but finsh it as soon as you can
Last Updated: 05/02/11 Version: 1.2  (Beta) Views: 115,939
Are you going to finish this? Just curious is all.
It has been 90% since 2011, i think this is all we're getting, such a shame!
The reboot is in full production. I might release the unreleased version of the campaign maps sometime, because they were complete and playable but I've had kind of very high standards for this campaign more than my other maps, and I really wanted it to live up to them.

The new version of Void will be getting a media release this month, and an alpha in Q1 2014.
Wow, great news, Blazing, this map was really impressive. A finished campaign in the same vein is something to really look forward to!
Nice Map really, really like it
Hey can anyone tell me how to play l4d2 characters with this map??
P.S I can only play l4d2 characters in survival mode but in realism or campaign i cant
Help please !!!
there's a line of code in the mission file that you need to change to what I believe to be 1
I remember people discussing this before.
I believe the issue with the neon/fluorescent zombies is caused by a custom populations text.
If you know what you're doing, you can open the vpk and remove that file.
Kinda sad this hasn't been updated yet, then again I don't know anything about creating a custom map like this. It looks gorgeous. Awesome idea for sure, but the bots are a little too retarded. Would really love to see this one finished! On my watchlist.
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