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    Ground Zero

    Your mission was to find and destroy a secret alien lab. Now you have crash landed and are stranded in an infested forest. Find your way to the underground entrance and complete your mission. Be sure you read any hints on the screen and...

  • 3 Maps
    Tears for Tarnor

    Welcome to the harsh planet of Tarnor. A nearly airless rock circling an ancient Red Giant, the planet is subject to baking heat in the day and freezing colds at night. Despite the unforgiving nature of the planet, the bustling colony of...

  • 5 Maps
    The Dead Temple

    There are five missions in this Campaign. All the missions have specific objectives. Images for the addon and each mission on the selection screen have been added. Minimaps are available for 4 out of 5 missions. PDAs and Radio transm...

  • 7 Maps

    Extermination is a campaign which unites these maps: Midnight harvest 1 Midnight harvest 2 Arctic infiltration Area Cold catwalks Yanaurus mine Forgotten Factory Communication station Full Treatment - Syntek hospital


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