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    Tears for Tarnor

    Welcome to the harsh planet of Tarnor. A nearly airless rock circling an ancient Red Giant, the planet is subject to baking heat in the day and freezing colds at night. Despite the unforgiving nature of the planet, the bustling colony of...

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    This is a survival map, where our place is the arena of battle. Our job is to kill the aliens in 1500. The map is quite difficult, you need to cover a good tactic. I wish you good fun.

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    A quick survival map I created...and yes, it was significantly edited from its TileGen version. =P Basically all marines need to survive for as long as they possibly can. All difficulty modes are supported, but generally speaking this is...

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    Drone Lab
    Beta N/A

    This map/campaign is in the early stages, and I thought that I should release a public alpha to get some feedback. I intended to have this map harder than normal, where you couldn't really solo this on easy but you could get through it w...


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