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  • Pros:

    - Default pistols with better animations.
    - Animations are from arby26's SW5906's - Closer Perspective mod.


    - None


    I highly recommend this add-on for those who like to keep things vanilla, but want better animations.

Published Items

  • Mod
    Rayman1103's Mutation Mod

    Adds a lot of Custom Mutations created by me and others. The main-menu has been edited so all Mutations can be created via lobbies, and can be played online at anytime. To play Custom Mutations online, they'll have to be played via a ...

  • Mod
    Nonsolid Props

    Ever wanted to walk through vehicles or just go out of bounds? Then this is the mod for you! This mod makes many props nonsolid, allowing units to go inside buildings or walk out-of-bounds.

  • Mod
    Free Supply Cost

    Do you still feel like there's not enough friendly units on the battlefield? That there's still not enough Supply Points to build an army? If so, then I have the best solution! This mod makes all Units free! That's right, you read tha...

  • Mod
    Cheap Supply Cost

    Have you ever felt like there's not enough units on the battlefield? That there's not enough Supply Points to build an army? If so, then I have the solution! This mod makes all Units cost only 1 Supply Point. That means you can have m...

  • Mod
    Single Event Options (Expanded)

    This mod adds additional options for Single Race. Newly added options will be listed below in bold. Race Options: Laps - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 99. Damage Multiplier - 0x, 0.5x, 1x, 1.5x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x, 7x, 8x, 9x,...

  • Mod
    FO2 & FOUC Music (Combined)

    This mod combines music from FlatOut 2 and FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage together. Installation: 1. Extract the contents of the ZIP into your FOUC install directory. 2. While in that directory, open the file named "filesystem" with a ...

  • File
    Valve's Missing Content Fix Official

    Merges the original from Rayman with the other adding the first L4D's content. No other changes. This version is a true "fix" and most likely" official" version. Rayman and my other associate who created the other will be credited as c...

  • Mod
    Admin System

    With the Admin System, you are given Admin control. You can spawn Infected, give Survivors weapons/items, kill/revive Survivors, change Convars, change the timescale, and much, much more! All of this is done server-side via chat trigger...

  • File

    VSLib (VScript Library) is a simple, lightweight library for L4D2's VScript mutation system. It is a loose collection of classes and functions that work together to provide additional features.

  • Mod
    Team Health Counter - L4D2

    This addon adds a health counter for Survivor teammates. Now you can see how much health they actually have in numbers, allowing for a more accurate display of their health. Note: This addon wont work on Official Dedicated servers unle...

  • Mod
    Rumble Conquest

    This mod adds Rumble Conquest, a new game mode to the stock maps. Rumble Conquest is regular Conquest, except there's 4 teams fighting for control over the battlefront. All teams are hostile towards eachother in this 4-way battle. The R...

  • Mod
    Tatooine Music Fix

    Description: This is a user_script mod which fixes maps that use Tatooine's music for the Clone Wars, so it will no longer cause audio to mute during gameplay. Included Files: SOUND\TatMusicFix.lvl user_script_11.lvl user_script_12.lvl ...

  • Mod
    AI Hero Script

    This is a user_script mod that enables AI Heroes on all maps. AI Heroes aren't able to enter any vehicles or turrets. The script will not activate when playing Campaign, Galactic Conquest or on a map which already uses Archer01's AI Her...

  • Mod
    No Award Weapons

    This is a user_script mod which removes the ability to unlock the Award Weapons. Included Files: SIDE\NoAwardWeapons.lvl user_script_11.lvl user_script_12.lvl user_script_13.lvl user_script_14.lvl user_script_15.lvl user_script_16.lvl ...


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