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    - No errors, everything worked as it should.
    - Very good use of cubemaps, textures looked real nice.
    - The lighting was pretty good; although I thought the feel could have been a bit better if it was darker.
    - The hostage rescue zone wasn't ridiculously far from where you had to rescue them from.
    - For the most part, the spawn zones seemed fair; no one has really any advantages over one another (aside from some of the scalable ledges). 


    - Some minor lag spikes when you transition from inside to out, but nothing too worry about.
    - I thought the map was lacking in some detail, just felt too generic.
    - There was some awkward brush work, but again, nothing major. 


    - Overall, the map was pretty standard, the snowy atmosphere made the inside offices feel real cozy. I think the map could easily be improved in various ways, but as it stands right now, it's playable, and it's not terrible. I would recommend it if you honestly have nothing better to play, but nice work Christmas Turkey! 

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