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    Jail is nice and simple - 10 secs if u press button. The best thing is, Continuous surf is very difficult It takes an extreme amount of skill and accuracy to pull it off. And for the more combat orientated, Multiple AWP locations. Full v...

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    Surf Royce Fun

    This is a Surf map made by Alex Roycewicz. Its a good size surf with plenty of runways and little islands. Theres also a Jump that shoots you through a big Smily face ( ) and teleports you above the original spawn location. It may just ...

    alexroyce alexroyce
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    Surf Ndak47

    This is another one of those interesting fun maps. This one is by Napoleon_Dynamite which is about everyone trying to surf around the map without falling to their impending doom one prominent feature in this surf map is the gigantic 'No ...

    Napoleon_Dynamite Napoleon_Dynamite
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    Surf MindPuzzle

    This is one of those interesting Surf Maps again. Surf Mindpuzzle is a medium sized Surf Map and there are many places to go by surfing. Better surfers get better weapons, but if you fall you go straight to jail. When someone is in jail,...

    MinotaurR MinotaurR
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    Surf Lifematch

    Another surf map to add to the collection. You'll start off on a simple set of two ramps, and then be teleported to a room with a bunch of weapons. Then, you teleport yourself to the jail, where you can either start duking it out with th...

    Zero_Spartan Zero_Spartan
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    Surf Empyrean

    Surf_empyrean_beta is a fast, funny and difficult map! FAST: Rounds 'mostly' will be faster than some of surf maps! Map has couple of different routes, but all the surf ramps and routes will take you to the main area where the jail and ...

    MinotaurR MinotaurR
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    Surf Cagefight

    Another surf map to add to the collection, this one centers around players grabbing a shotgun and surfing around a square arena blasting each other; nothing complex. Falling off simply sends you back up to the top, but also makes you an ...

    Target Practice Target Practice

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