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  • Well eh

    could you atleast bring back the 08 viewmodel model the arms were bigger and nicer these ones shit wtf good survivor models bad v_arms and no v_legs over all 3/5
    • always gotta laugh so much when ben102015 comes out with a new cancerous review

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  • Mod
    TRS Boomer Vomit Music/Pukricide

    This is a recreation of the spooky 2007 Vomit Music/Pukricide, I took Ben102015's Beta Boomer Vomit Music recreation and corrected the pitch to be exactly like the beta. Credits: Original Audio - Ben102015 Audio editor [Pitch correc...

  • Mod
    Original Boomer Vomit Music Remade

    Credits- Ben102015 Well i started messing around with the sound file or music file with a audio editor when i messed around i found out how to make it exactly like the original which in the end as a result made this Enjoy!

  • Mod
    Black Smg (Ported To L4D1)

    after a while of not having a black smg i started to get annoyed with the normal color so i decided to port the l4d2 black smg by Mental1ty on gamemaps To l4d1 it works i tested it alot of times anyways enjoy your black smg it kinda loo...


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