The Original L4D Survivors

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  • ben102015

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    Well eh

    could you atleast bring back the 08 viewmodel model the arms were bigger and nicer these ones shit wtf good survivor models bad v_arms and no v_legs over all 3/5
    • always gotta laugh so much when ben102015 comes out with a new cancerous review

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Version 2 Complete

  • Mod
    Dead Fortress : Collection

    Disclaimer : Please note that this is a solo project and will take time to complete. Things will get done, when they get done. With the amazing contributions that never get to see the light of day in actual Team Fortress 2, why not po...

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    Kafuu Chino Voice Pack for Nick (L4D2)

    From the Popular Anime Gochuumon wa Usagi desu ka?/Is the Order a Rabbit?. CV: 水瀬いのり (Minase Inori) All of Voice Lines are Best with any Survivor Talker/Active Talker Addons that have lots of Basic Responses and Melee Grunts. (i...

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  • Mod
    Complete Unused+Retail+Beta Special Infected So...

    I don't usually upload my own personal-use made mods, but I was pretty happy with it so why not. This mod allows every single special infected sound to play (Retail, unused, L4D1,BETA 2007,BETA 2008.) So they kinda clash with each other...

  • 5 Maps
    Death Aboard (Certified Hood Classic Port)

    In Death Aboard you start out in a prison and work your way out to the nearest docks area. From here, you board a stranded ship and finally to an island where there will be a lighthouse as a finale. The certified hood classic L4D campa...