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  • Nice and Challenging

    My only real complaint is that the translation to english is a bit rough, for some of the books dotted around the chapters, of which contain hints for traps; I read one mistakenly and paid the price for it (my bad, honestly). I also didn't know you could open some trunks lying around, which is where the medkits seem to be hiding (after 3 tanks in 1 chapter, we could've sorely used those meds), and the trunks are not explained in the description or in the camp anywhere, that I could see. But for the unique environments and atmosphere alone, this campaign is a hell of good fun. However, it could use some polishing in the more blocky-looking areas of the maps, maybe more props in the outdoor sections. Crasscarnage's review hits all the major points, most accurately, I think. All in all, this is a very solid campaign. Cheers.

    This review was posted before the latest release.

    • i'm sorry. You know, im from Brazil, so my english is terrible. I improved the info and put some blue light on it, so they can be easy to find. About the details, theres nothing i can do. I already spend too much time on this campaign, im on the lookout for major problems, like crash map or something like that. Well... Thanks for you review and try the new update version. Take care, bro.

      This comment was posted before the latest release.

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  • Mod
    Nick's the Devil!

    Hail me... Nick's back from Georgia, and he's lookin' for a soul to steal. If you gamble with the Devil, prepare to make a deal. A little late for a Halloween related mod, but, meh. Enjoy nonetheless. Features: Custom Red Suit (And sk...

  • Mod
    Overwatch Cap

    A retexture of the "HorzineBlue Cap", to look like Blizzard's official Overwatch cap. Installation: Unzip the "Published" folder, to your [Documents\My Games\KillingFloor2\KFGame] folder, and play. Sorry for the rubbish screenshots...

  • Mod
    End Credits: Für Immer by Megaherz

    Replaces the default end credits track with Für Immer by german Industrial Metal Band, Megaherz, off their Zombieland album. Cheers. (No in game video. Watch their official music video below. Leave a like if you're a good Samaritan.)

  • Mod
    Louis' Black Tie

    Someone probably made this already (somewhere, some alternate universe, maybe), but it's just a lazy retexture of Louis' tie, for anyone too lazy to make their own. Cheers.


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