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  • Map
    Hillview Rapture (Outdated)

    Dev Note: I'm sorry to say this to all, but I'm completely redoing the map lighting, and I'm shifting it to be closer to the very first screenshots known of around this era. I.E the screenshots with the blue clouds, far bluer lighting ov...

  • Mod
    TRS Inspired Hunting Rifle Sound

    (TRS Inspired because it's not the EXACT original they used but it's very very damn close) So after Saibot's discovery of where one instance of the original Hunting Rifle firing sound was located (Metal Gear Solid - Twin Snakes) I decid...

  • Mod
    TRS Hunter Bacteria Remake (Piano)

    "Careful, I hear a Hunter!" This is a small sound mod created by Roy "Evitro" Berardo that changes the default piano Hunter bacteria with one based on the beta one made by Turtle Rock Studios! This was supposed to be an exclusive for th...


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