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Version 0.6 Beta


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    L4D1 Combine Grunt [HL:A] Replace Francis

    L4D1 Combine Grunt [HL:A] Replace Francis FEATURES ■ fp arms ■ jiggle bones ■ bile texture ■ vgui icons ■ glowing eyes CREDITS: Model: HL2 ฿ØⱠ₮Ø₭¹⁷³ L4D1 port : Xavi

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    [L4D] Casting Hud

    This is a HUD specifically for Casters, these can be used in Left 4 Dead community tournaments, it was used in the 2022 L4D1 NC International Tournament. In the images the NC Tournament logo appears, but in the published version I add...

  • Map

    [L4D] Man vs Tank v1.2

    Survive increasing waves of tanks, up to 7 tanks, unlock the safe zone and show how good you are with your friends.

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    M1014 Improved / HQ Model

    Querentin's M1014 on default animations with Old Hermit's textures. includes a HUD icon. To change the hud icon on the weapon panel you will need to edit the file mod_textures.txt manually found in ..\left 4 dead\left4dead\scripts. ...

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    Pain Pills Reborn

    Yog's improved pain pills reborn bottle with a HD label. Installation: Use either of these install guides. GameInfo Method: How to CORRECTLY install mods Addons Method: Fastest way to install any mods in L4D1! I also recomme...