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  • Pros:

    On a moving train (Reminds me of RE:0)!
    Dark, almost spooky backround
    The train makes you think" Hmm what is this moving?"


    While there are some cons, I won't take any points off becuase they do not hinder gameplay:
    Short - Even on Realism Expert.
    Weapon placement seems a bit off.
    Helicopter doesn't look like it is moving with the train even though it is.
    Crashes without the addon support


    This is one of the best single-map campaigns I have ever had the GOOD FORTUNE to play. Hell this almost ranks up with the L4D1 RE2 Police Station map.
    This map does not show any obvious glitches or anything like that.
    In the future, I'm hoping the maker of this will make something similar to the train level in Timesplitters: Future Perfect! (Multiple trains and jumping across them!)

Published Items

  • Mod
    Saharan Shotgun

    I figure I may as well release some of the unreleased skins I have lying around my desktop. This Pump Shotgun reskin is Saharan themed. I didn't want to make it totally desert themed.. so the Sahara is the theme. Enjoy Note* This DOES ...

  • Mod
    Swamp Smoker
    Beta N/A

    I figure since I've reskinned the Spitter, I'd reskin the smoker as well. I didn't want this to look basic, so I colored only parts I thought would be necessary to fit the theme of the reskin: Swamp/Moss. I don't think this one looks as ...

  • Mod
    Blood Spitter
    Beta N/A

    Spitter ate MANY MANY people for xmas.. I finally figured out how to use the cloud tool in Paint(dot)Net without it looking like clouds. Enjoy.

  • Mod
    Weathered M4A1 RIS w/Special Forces - Black Camo

    I tried applying my SF-B camo to this skin, and found it hard to darken it without turning the entire gun into an ugly, pitch black model. However in the end I was able to make the skin look well with the SF-B camo. Some of you saw this ...

  • Mod
    Silent Hill Pump Shotgun

    A dirty, Otherside-Orange (Name for that shade of orange) skinned shotgun. I thought it would fit with the Silent Hill and (or) other mysterious campaigns. Custom sound by Mateoski. Enjoy.

  • Mod
    MSG90 Full Auto (Replacement for M16)
    Alpha N/A

    This is just an idea so far. All I've done is swapped models and textures (So for those of you using my White MSG90 mod there you go). There is a glitch at the moment where you cannot have another Military Sniper mod while you have this ...

  • Mod
    Apocalyptic Dirty MSG90
    Alpha N/A

    Here is a skin I've made for the Military Sniper that was in my 'Gritty Set' series (Dirty AK47, Blood Bile, and the Fallout (Rusted) M16A2). This works , as all Military Sniper skins do, with the MSG90 Full Auto mod I created last nigh...

  • Mod
    White MSG90

    I removed the sound, because the Dead Air update did not fix it. Other then the name and sound changes, nothing else has been changed on this skin. Added the special forces skin to the tags, because it fits with my Special Forces - White...

  • Mod
    Hunter Reskin

    A simple reskin of the Hunter. I suppose this goes into the Negative Zone theme as well... Changed some things with the brightness and contrast of this skin - 1/4/2012

  • Mod
    Beretta M9 Silver

    Reskin of the mod made by Twinke Masta, Jinx786, and Arby26. Has silver barrel thing and brown grip. For =DiG= Kinkylicious

  • Mod
    Carbon-Black Uzi

    Reskin of the Uzi I made a few weeks ago. Enjoy. :] Added Special Forces to the tags because I used the same reskin technique on this as I have done with the other Special Forces - Black skins I have made.

  • Mod
    Ghost Spitter
    Beta N/A

    A ghost-themed reskin of the Spitter. I suppose this would fit with the whole Negative Zone thing..

  • Mod
    Negative Zone Charger

    I read some of my Dad's 1930 - 1970's comics and I thought it'd be cool to make a skin off of one of the comic themes: The Negative Zone!


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