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  • Well done, but pretty much a similar experience to stock NM

    If you are looking for a different experience (I guess the point of most custom maps), you won't find that much different here from the stock No Mercy: there are a couple of transitional spots between places that are different: the map 1 saferoom, the Burger Tank entrance to the gas station and absent lift event, and the smaller hospital roof are obvious differences.  The lighting seems to dramatically accentuate differences between light and dark, and is a little more dynamic.  There is also a subtle difference in the general look with regards to details and lighting, like this is more of a city that recently came under siege, as opposed to one that is well into the apocalypse.  But aside from the pockets that are structurally different, the changes didn't affect how the campaign felt to me very much.  No Mercy is great, which makes this one great as well by default.  But I don't think all the changes are good.  The paths and transitions from place to place in the stock map seem smoother.  The stock sewers and finale on the roof is superior in my opinion.  Since the point of this campaign is to restore the map to a beta stage, I can better appreciate the refinements in the stock one.  If you are a big fan of old, pre-release footage, and want to experience what it might have been like to have worked as an early L4D beta tester, than this download would be a great investment in time for you.  If you have not played No Mercy much, this campaign might feel fresh.  If you really want to appreciate the tiny differences between pre-release L4D and stock L4D2 No Mercy, then this is great stuff.  If you come here to experience something new, than this may not be your thing.

    This review was posted before the latest release.

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