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  • Nice Improvement Over the Previous Map

    Recently, I embarked on the **Gloaming III RE** campaign, and it left quite an impression. This sequel builds upon its predecessors, offering improved maps and an engaging gameplay experience. Let's delve into the specifics:
    1. **Atmosphere and Sound**:
       - The campaign kicks off quietly after the helicopter departs. While this silence adds tension, I found myself wishing for some music during the initial chapters.
       - Venturing beyond the safe zone led to an unexpected horde attack. Armed only with pistols, my health plummeted from 100 to 30 in seconds. Thankfully, a first aid kit near the van saved the day.
       - During the finale, the absence of background music was noticeable. The eerie quietness contrasted with the chaos of the infected.
    2. **Map Design and Clarity**:
       - Occasional signs guided me through confusing areas. Running to the saferoom was exhilarating, especially when I stumbled upon a grenade launcher.
       - The transition between areas felt smoother this time, addressing a concern from the earlier map.
    3. **Chapter Highlights**:
       - Chapter 3 turned up the intensity with two tanks in close quarters. The bar scene, complete with cute anime girl music, added a unique touch.
       - However, the sewer run to the saferoom had me scratching my head. I couldn't find the button to open the yellow gate and ended up leaping to my demise. Second time's the charm—I eventually found the button and made it to the trailer.
       - The finale was intriguing, but I occasionally felt lost. Should I keep moving forward or backtrack to the upper bridge? Unfortunately, the lack of background music during this critical moment made it even more confusing.
    4. **Expert Mode and Overall Improvement**:
       - While the finale was cool, it might be unforgiving in expert mode. Some additional cues or hints could help players navigate better.
       - Despite these minor issues, **Gloaming III RE** is a commendable improvement over its predecessors. Keep up the good work!

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    This review was posted before the latest release.

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