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  • Amazing environment and exploration, however horrible optimization and poor balance

    First, if each chapter is going to be long, then this should be 3 different campaigns (1-5 6-10 11-15/16), now everyone has this chunk of time to commit so we just were able to do first 5, and rest I am getting from another reviewer that I trust
    Second, try to optimize your maps better, instead of load all at once, load it in segments so it does not drop fps so often
    Third, learn how to properly code in rolling hordes, you do not jus spam call horde functions, thus increasing the common count to a TREMENOUS amount, look at how parish or dead air does it and mimic that way so it is more balanced. 
    For the finale , holdout is fine but you need to learn to pause the rescue script so survivors can kill the boss and once that is dead then resume rescue script, infinite tank and horde at the end of a long hour campaign is poor design, though not properly doing rolling hordes is poor design in itself. 
    The bosses itself were interesting, some just needed some balance instead of jus all out
    If this campaign does get fixed optimization and balanced way then I will try this again and revisit this.

    This review was posted before the latest release.

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