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  • Awesome but with issues to the new skybox.

    Since the new update, the skybox texture has been renewed to the 2008 skybox. But what it brought was the ground floor below the rooftops syncing in with the skybox making it so you see a ground and a blue void. Also, a shader bug when playing with it at High makes the windows shiny as a mirror. Other than that, great map.

    This review was posted before the latest release.

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    Witch Pursuit

    "AHHHHHHH!" This mod replaces the witch chase theme and the burnt witch theme with the Bandicoot Pursuit from Twinsanity. If it doesn't work, use snd_rebuildaudiocache. Spiralmouth - The OST Travellers Tales - Crash Twinsanity

  • Mod
    Rusty Tank

    "Ah, yummy. Fresh meat for my pot." This mod replaces the Tank themes with the Rusty Walrus music from Crash Twinsanity. If it doesn't work, use snd_rebuildaudiocache. Spiralmouth - The OST Travellers Tales - Crash Twinsanity

  • Mod
    The Real's Custom Icons

    This mod replaces the icons with custom icons found within the game or edited by me. This mod is pretty much based on the TRS build. Some of the icons were from Theuaredead' and most were from the game files. Theuaredead' ~ Some of the ...

  • Mod
    L4D1 Beta Sound Pack Remastered

    (Incomplete. Still need some working around for the Boomer and Smoker. Same said for Zoey) Music Files that were remade OR edited that were based/taken from the beta. Beta Zoey voice lines back ripped from the beta footage. Beta Boomer...

  • Mod
    Beta Inspired Skybox for No Mercy

    Replaces the Skybox texture colors with ones ripped straight from beta footage. It's as close as it could be at TRS's Skybox. TRS: The skybox texture. Me/TheRealModSpace2018: lazy recolor Note: This conflicts Fairfield Terror's 2008 s...

    • Archived
  • Mod
    Background Helicopter Fix
    Beta N/A

    This mod replaces the Background Army Helicopter to the Background News Helicopter. If you want it to not look like crap then go get some helicopter mod that turns the helicopter into the skybox helicopter.

  • Mod
    2006 Mob Sound
    Beta N/A

    I feel like this should be uploaded since I hadn't seen anyone else do it nor have I seen someone with a video doing it. This mod is a direct rip from the first Left 4 Dead Trailer. I named it 2006 since clearly what I can hear is the so...


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