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    No Echo RE (音讯全无重制版) V1.01

    This map is a remake version of "No Echo" which was removed. If you are the one who doesn't like "custom settings" and just want to kill zombies, play Back 4 Blood instead of this. You don't really have to comment here. No ONE cares. ...

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    Sorry, this map is disabled until new version is uploaded. Don't play it! Any bug won't be fixed! 抱歉,这个地图再重新发布前都会被禁用。请勿游玩。任何bug不给予修复!

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    The Hazing V2.42

    Unfortunately, the plane crashed out of control due to the infection of the pilot. And the survivors had to drive to the evacuation station. What's worse, the road was blocked by CEDA and they had to get off the car and go on to explore ...

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    Crashing Day Part A

    This is the first campaign I've ever made. IT WAS VERY HARD LEARNING HOW TO USE THE HAMMER TOOL TO MAKE A MAP! But I made it and I enjoyed it! Hope you can enjoy this map too!


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