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  • 7 Maps
    Glubtastic 4

    The survivors thought they had destroyed the mysterious Sis, but they were wrong. After an anonymous tip, they board a zombie airbus to intercept top secret glub documents, containing the thickest plot yet. This will be the final chapte...

  • 6 Maps
    Glubtastic 3

    A mysterious forse threatens to tilt the balance of glub and course of the left 4 dead two history forever. You must defeat the big sis and restore order to the dark glubverse. Don't upload this map anywhere else without the Glubs permi...

  • 5 Maps
    Glubtastic Maps

    5 awful maps for awful people. Me and my buds love playing stupid left 4 dead campaigns, so I decided to make my own. please do not re-upload this project without my permission, thank you.

  • Map
    The Culling of Azeroth

    UNFINISHED warcraft themed campaign from 2017. I'd planned to create a full campaign which would have you journey through Azeroth in different zones but sadly due to number of problems I had to abandon the project. This first map was pr...


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