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    A lot of interesting ideas, map author's like "let's just fuck them all into this one campaign," that's the vibe I get. Unfortunately it plays like doo-doo on single player (I appreciate the effort to get the bots to play along though), so I HIGHLY recommend you play with friends who are into masochism (as these chapters are not easy.) This campaign, and well these series of campaigns are highly trail and error based, so you die and learn from your mistakes. Onto chapter 1, pretty straight forward, you get a dodging flying boomers scenario, fight a tank, weird ice section, another flying-boomer section, fight a tank and then you do some minor platforming whilst dodging acrobatic boomers. Not nearly as frustrating as the other chapters. Chapter 2 has a really cool gimmick which is driving a vehicle. It doesn't control super well as it's based on source physics but it's alright enough, it's a bit wonky as I think if you drive backwards you're vulnerable to the infected for some reason, which I learned the hard way right at the end of the map. This chapter just has numerous problems. For some reason one of my bots got kicked from the server because of there being too many specials, never had that happen before, so I was with 2 bots for a while. I could not for the life of me find the key on this chapter when I played a month ago, then I pick it back up and I find it as soon as I enter the house... So it can't be that hard to find lol. The rest of the chapter is infiltration, with some thinking required, although that one section where you dodge the boomer's minigun in that narrow hallway is kinda BS because of the loud ass door sound you can't time it very well. The next chapter is a more linear slender map which I resorted to cheating as I just kept getting screwed by the director. Next chapter, chapter 4 is a pretty standard L4D map actually, not too bad. Chapter 5; let me put it this way - impossible with bots. An extremely difficult chapter which will make or break the team, a sort-of on-rails shooter thing going on here, although this time with much more bullshit. I think if the grenade launcher one shot most of the vehicles, or at least dealt a lot of damage this wouldn't be so bad, but nah, your best chance is positioning your team correctly (don't play with bots) or taking the L and cheating (which I did.) The finale is pretty straight forward, albeit gonna take some trail and error. You survive for a while, get a GL, shoot the.... Francis textures(?) and then you get one more big boy, and you win. 
    Really frustrating campaign overall, pretty much a no-go for you single players out there, must play with friends who have a lot of spare time on their hands. That's about it, silly campaign with a bunch of gimmicks.

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