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I like to manipulate the "I" files to add random skins and give a unique touch to the campaign, if you want me to help you what is the number of each weapon skin, I am your friend who will help you ;)

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  • Mod
    The Sacrifice - True Expressive Ending

    The best hero that existed, do you choose the official story or do you want to change it - Is it a sufficient reaction to feel yourself on bill's skin? - Would you give your life for your team? - To understand certain parts you must rea...

  • Mod
    The Sacrifice - Rebirth

    ✭ WHAT WOULD YOU DO IN MY PLACE ✭ Now everyone will have a special ability to be able to return to the bridge. Find a sailboat and scape.. All the facts and functions of these ending are based on Valve's teaser "The Sacrifice" This is ...

  • Mod
    XBOX - HUD | Full [UI] XBOX 360

    ✭ This mod changes the game's HUD to the xbox 360 completely!! ☆ Valve is adding UI when one is using gamepad, which is getting closer and closer to the original of the xbox.. you could say that one already exists officially but not comp...


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