"Things will be changed for the mod." -Splatter

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  • 10/10

    "Most forgotten unofficial campaign map ever, that could have been..." -Claix W.

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  • Mod
    Codename CURE - Main Menu Theme Replacement

    I do NOT own those images about it Images: 1. Military Metal Texture from Adobe Stock 2. Codename CURE Logo from SteamGridDB Apps I use: ibisPaint X L4D2 Port Link:

  • Mod
    Mute Main Menu Music

    "This mod is being used for my modpack for the first, 'causes this sh*t looks mute." -Claix W. Credits: Claix W. - Mute over the Music

  • Mod
    Blur Xbox No Mercy Title Loading

    "Well... it's here! Upload the mod, luckily it was for my updated modpack, and after I finished my mod and video. and I finished it, BTW I used the app to edit this at once, and now I use it for this. After that, I finally leave the L4D...

  • Mod
    Original Bill Icon (Second Version)

    "Alright, Before in Pax 2008. A cut content about... The second version of the Original Bill Icon, luckily it was taking it from Files ago lucky it was found inside of files, and I download inside that, But yes! There are real content ar...

  • Mod
    Old-Classic Pills

    The Original Pills was found it ago from L4D1 Files, Because The Last Stand Pills is a version, and then the pills texture is low or medium. That's why, right? Credits: Valve - Original Pills from L4D1 Files Julius - Replace the P...


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