Bootleg Russian Genesis Ost - Game Over And Continue

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Developers & Credits

  • ClaixW420

    Replacing over the Music

  • Pixelboy127

    Public of the Music

  • Augusto Ruiz

    Composed Music

File Details

bootleg russian g...

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Version 1.0 Complete

  • Mod
    Definitive Left 4 Dead 1 Vehicles

    A big f*ck you to the 360 A lot of the props in Left 4 Dead 1, and 2. Suffer from really bad envmaps, or a lack thereof. However, the vehicles suffered from far more than just awful envmaps. They suffered from extremely downgraded tex...

  • 4 Maps
    Precinct 84 (Versus+NAV Fix)

    original map by keldorn details/2679 I modify mission.txt to rewrite the "VersusModifier" keyvalue and all Map nav remake, fix final issue in Versus mode

  • Mod
    L4D1: River Update (DLC)

    ✭ WHAT WOULD YOU DO IN MY PLACE ✭ Now everyone will have a special ability to be able to return to the bridge. Find a sailboat and scape.. All the facts and functions of these ending are based on Valve's teaser "The Sacrifice" This is ...

  • 5 Maps
    Outrun (L4D1 Port)

    Welcome to Outrun City! Here is a Retrowave/Synthwave campaign fit for all asthetic needs. The owner of an old arcade has gone missing, after exploring the arcade you find something much more sinister... 1. Use the tools to build...

    • Updated
  • 3 Maps
    The Sacrifice: Night Edition (L4D1)

    I had originally made this for L4D2, but I felt it should also be on L4D1, so I backported it. May be some minor bugs in this initial release, any bugs can be reported below in the comments. A simple conversion of The Sacrifice from d...



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