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  • Pros:

    -Long Campaign
    -Custom Music and Models
    -Escalated Levels
    -Point of Interest like TV, Radio, etc.
    -is that your voice where you talking to Survivors? :D
    -Obstacle Courses
    -Environment (of course :))
    -Intro Movie like :D
    -3 Stealth Fighters passing by
    -West Theme am i in Texas??
    -Church guy is the Driver.
    -2 ways to go in 1st map except the right road cause off limits or else i get shot.
    -Mall was alright to stroll :)
    -i feel i'm in the mall because of the adverts. :)


    -that tail rotor hit me and freaks me out ._.
    -hard levels like door/gates/forklifts and other devices that should i collect
    -no dialogues
    -coach can't talk in 1st level :/


    an epic Movie like game i really love it from intro to end i felt this map was official DLC and i'm glad this map doesn't encounter any bugs and CTD issues made me approve :D btw who's Anne? is that her bodies was in the house in the crash site? :/

    This review was posted before the latest release.

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