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Dead Before Dawn DC

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  • holybased123

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    It's bad

    I'm honestly astonished by the amount of positive reviews about this pile of crap campaign. I feel like the worst thing about this map is the narrator, with his terribly fake southern accent and unfunny/tryhard quirky dialogue with the player was way too cringeworthy (but the worst one would probably be the guy who turns into a tank in the 4th chapter (that chapter was the worst one by the way), that guy doesn't even tries, or it's probably the same guy who voices that annoying wannabe southerner). The humor is just too cringe-including for me to like. Some crescendos are godawful. The finale is also incredibly dull even though it should be Parish-type gauntlet (It's mostly because how boring the environment is), it just doesn't feel exciting to finish this campaign at all, because you've been hating the wannabe southerner from the start. 
    The campaign gets worse each next chapter. The first chapter was the best one, obviously. Then we get to the mall, and the main problem is that there's nothing interesting about the mall itself, even though you spend your time there for the last 3 chapters (The Mall in Dead Center is honestly much more fun to play through, even though it's much more simple design-wise). Custom sounds and music sucks too, they're not as catchy as the OG stuff, did they really think that they were better? Also, before I forget, they keep claiming that this is the most complex mod for L4D2, but a polished turd is still a turd. 
    Anyway, it's bad, wouldn't recommend. Go play actually well-crafted campaigns like "I Hate Mountains" or "Dead Series". Trust me.

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Version 7.0 Final

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