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    Dead Center: Christmas Edition (Part 1)

    INFORMATION This winter holiday brings a freezing and festive Dead Center campaign with a Christmassy reskin! Santa has finally arrived as Ai Director 3.0 who will judge all the naughty boys and girls, so be on your good behaviour becau...

  • 7 Maps
    Dark Carnival: Ghostbusters! (Halloween)

    INFORMATION It's that time again! Halloween is here.. and this time I bring you a very special GHOSTBUSTERS themed Halloween campaign! So strap yourself in because you won't be bustin' ghosts the way you know and love because this ti...

  • Map
    Source 2: Plantation Survival

    INFORMATION Hello and welcome to my Source 2 recreation of Plantation, a map Valve was experimenting on in 2010 to explore their new engine features regarding detailing and lighting and testing their engine limitations. This is not ...

  • 10 Maps
    Left 4 Invasion: Outer Space!

    INFORMATION The world of Left 4 Dead 2 has been invaded by aliens! They have two goals in their minds! TO DESTROY ALL HUMANS! and annihilate Earth! The future of humanity rests on the shoulders of four unlikely heroes of Left 4 Dead! ...


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