Left 4 Invasion: Outer Space!

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  • 10 Chapters
  • 5 Multiple Endings
  • Unusual Secrets
  • Valves Official Chapters
  • Friends or Solo-able


  • Emersonrick

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    I'm honestly surprised by such creativity in this campaign.
    Look, if this campaign has any flaws, it must be in the players, because everything is perfect, using parts of the original maps modified making them like abandoned places was spectacular.
    Going in reverse paths and discovering rooms that on the original maps we can't enter was an incredible experience.
    The amount of hordes was quite extraordinary, but the amount of supplies and weapons, ammo and items was also magnificent, please don't ever change that.
    Nihilant at the end was really fun, hard, but really fun.
    I loved every map in this campaign.
    I only got the ending destroying the Earth, but I don't see a problem with that because my fun was 100%
    Congratulations and Thank you!

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Developers & Credits

  • Sir Jay


  • NeoLin


  • Tsumugi Shirogane

    Earth Model

  • Valve

    Original Chapters

  • iamDeanPC


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