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    Shimoe Koharu as Ellis

    Shimoe Koharu from Blue Archive replaces Ellis. Known issues For some reason, when playing in first-person, the hands are still Ellis'. Someone who's better at this, please help! Credits Original mod by HCHA

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    Sunaookami "Coach" Shiroko [AI Voice]

    Replaces Coach's Voice with Sunaookami Shiroko (Affects all 2733 voicelines, a majority of it AI generated) CV: Ogura Yui / 小倉唯 I originally wasn't gonna make this public since it was somewhat lacking compared to my vision of it...

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    Blue Archive AI Voice Mod - Make-Up Work Club

    Full AI voice mod for the 4 main survivors of Left 4 Dead 2, using characters from Blue Archive: Azusa as Nick Mika as Coach Koharu as Ellis Hifumi as Rochelle This mod has more than 11,000 sound files, covering every single voice...


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