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"Google it." "If you do not succeed, you FAIL!" "I can tell that you are a glitch hacker, only as long as you're still reading this." Tae Kwon Do Martial Artist. Last belt test: November 4th 2011. Testing for: Brown Belt. Current Belt: Brown Belt.

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    Plus 100 - ARBY26!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Plus 100 - Great anims
    Plus 100 - The pumps feel so much better now.


    Minus 200 - I can't rate this anything higher than a 100. So I have to subtract my 300 score down to a 100. Stupid L4DMaps.


    Hell, if I could, I'd give it an OVAR 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Patriotic M1911s

    FOR L4D2!!!! Red, White, and Blue. arby26 did the animations. I give credit to arby26 and the original creator.

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    Patriotic Desert Eagle

    Red, White, Black & Blue. Look, I'm only 10. And this is my first skin. Don't get mad at me for it looking bad... If you hate it, then make it look better and make it for yourself. I will report anybody who steals it and doesn't give me ...


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