Patriotic Desert Eagle

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  • Aras4745

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    -Um... Colorful?
    -If it's true that you are 10, then this is pretty good I guess.
    -Good for American Patriots and/or Religious People (I think).
    -A little better than before. Good job, but needs improvement.


    -MS Paint Job... But improved.
    -Very low quality look... It's like a rainbow
    -Seems proselytizing
    -Patriotism and Religion in L4D2 guns? WTF!?
    -The clips looks like crap... Just plain red.
    -Looks more french than american now.
    -Definetly doesn't look like a spray paint job but more like an MS Spray Paint Job.
    -If ur gonna make an American Patriot Gun... Why mix it with religion? I bet a god would dispise the US due to the serious issues we have today.
    -Just plain ugly... I'm sorry if that insults you, but improve a lil bit and maybe it'll be better in the future.


    NEEDS TONS OF WORK! Ask some profesional modders and skinners for help with texture creation. I guess this would be like a 90/100 for a 10 yr old but in Left 4 Dead 2 Mods overall... This would be like a 10/100, but I am going to let it slide and give you a 20/100. Anyway: Please dont use Proseltysing and True Blue American Methods for weapon skins... It just seems wierd. I will rase my rating when this updates and improves, so you have a lot of work to do on the gun. LASTLY: You should perhaps use Gimp 2 for texturing. It can make more high quality textures and it is free unlike the scam program called photoshop.
    1/9/12 EDIT: I forgot to update my review for you after the update! So here it is! A 45/100! Still needs some less MS Paint look and more realism though.

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