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  • Great changes

    Maps were extremely well detailed, it is a completely overhaul of No Mercy. I can see the hard work made by rombu on it. Every single room has too many details and mantaining high fps. Problems I can see are confuse navigation in several areas and Tanks besides AI director ones. Bad some people don't respect your job and publish a L4D2 version without your approval.

    This review was posted before the latest release.

Published Items

  • 5 Maps
    Heaven Can Wait II

    After surviving an air crash, the survivors turn out to be in most epicenter of the contamination. The Military has already left all attempts to rescue survivors in the region. Thanks to Gajofra for creating loading screen art and Mar...

  • 6 Maps
    Die Screaming II

    It's the L4D2 port of Die Screaming campaign and Forage survival map. Special thanks to: - Soup Toaster for give me permission to port L4D1 campaign to L4D2. - RabidMonkey (Spence) for give me permission to port Forage survival map...

  • 5 Maps
    7 Hours Later II

    Make your way through the forest to airport! Special thanks to: - Aynekko (AGRESSOR) for built this great campaign to L4D1 and give to me permission to convert it to L4D2. - Marcos Outsider from "Project Detonado" YT channel for thu...

  • 3 Maps
    Surrounded by the Dead II

    Make your way through the dead city to the docks! It's a L4D2 port from L4D1 version. Thanks to AGRESSOR to give me permission to convert his awesome work and to Marcos Outsider from "Project Detonado" Youtube channel for gamemaps thu...

  • Mod
    Bilian's Sound & Music Mod

    I am a professional recording artist & music producer that was inspired to create this sound pack after a new gaming company's project I was co-producing the soundtrack for imploded & dissolved. The music created from that project is...

  • 5 Maps
    Dead Flag Blues 2

    In a desolate and zombie infested world you and your group try to find some refuge. Your last hope may be an abandoned train station on the other side of town. Thanks to Juxtapox for give me permission to port it to L4D2, my friend Ca...

  • 5 Maps
    Die Screaming 2 (Variant)

    It's the L4D2 port of the "Die Screaming" campaign and "Forage" survival map Special thanks to Soup Toaster ("Rellik") and RabidMonkey ("Spence") for giving us permission to port Trunten (Ryan) for keeping this project alive (including...


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