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  • Pros:

    Single Player - Pinkie Pie with a Frying Pan
    *Fits very well, and uses a non-pinkamena version. 
    Campaign/Realism - Pinkie/Rarity/Twilight/Dash
    *Aside that it looks a little over crowded, appropriate usage of the 4 motif and well drawn. 
    Mutation - Discord
    Creepy as hell look, but it serves its purpose as god of chaos and the theme of Mutation.
    Versus/Realism Versus - Dash vs Applejack
    Love the use of the pose and characters. Also gains relevance that there is now a Eppaljeck mod on the site. 
    Scavange - Rarity's hoof grabbing a gas scan.
    In General:
    All hand drawn, which is a bonus, and pretty well drawn as well. 


    Still Waiting on Survival
    *would love to see it as Fluttershy surrounded by the sillioutes of the infected, but that's just me. 
    Because PC will not support co-op without mods, nothing planned for that either. Tis sad.


    Some may have an issue with the repeated images, but I really love the way this is coming. Your art is good and the usage in the main (mane) menu is appropriate. 

    This review was posted before the latest release.

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